T-Shirts: A closet staple

Classic T

T-shirts aren't just basic anymore... they can make or break your entire look.
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Wedding gown trends of 2014!

Favorite Wedding Gowns

A wedding dress- the most important dress and purchase of a woman's life. With so many designs, styles, colors and inspiration for days, it's easy to get confused and slightly overwhelmed when shopping for "the one". As a wedding coordinator, I have assisted many brides with the researching and styling of their perfect wedding day look. Below are some of my favorite 2014 wedding gown trends. - Fallon
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Trying to keep calm and carry on.

A Closet Confession

I'm not sure if I've previously shared but I've been in jail for the last 9 months. This incarceration comes in the form of confinement to my 800 square foot english basement (complete with bars on the windows). I share my sentencing with my wonderful husband whom I normally adore, my lovely 8 and 6 year old children who I normally cherish, and my 7 month old bull dog puppy who so charmingly snores with nearly every breath.
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Looking and doing good now go hand-in-hand!

Sophisticated Springtime Look

Light and bright colors, and eye-catching patterns. This spring it's all about embracing the time of the year, after the winter most of the country faced these past few months most of us are ready for warmer weather and sunshine.
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Why you should never toss out a pair of jeans.

What Not to Toss Out During Spring Cleaning: Jeans

Could you see yourself wearing skinny jeans 10 years ago? I doubt it. Jean styles come and go. One minute flare is fashion and the next skinny is styling. Who knows what will be the jean cut to come? However, as you're cleaning out your closet this April, don't you dare toss a pair of jeans. They can be worn, torn, flared or frayed. Trust Kassie's Closet, they need to stick around. Let's tell you why.
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Maxi Dress: an item you should never throw away.

What Not to Toss Out During Spring Cleaning: The Maxi Dress

Spring is like a fresh start or a new beginning. With this heavy, hectic winter we just had, spring cleaning is a top priority for many of us. With that being stated, don't start clearing the closet just yet. Yes, set the garbage bags down before you ambush your wardrobe. There are some items you should never throw away. Kassie's Closet is here to share how you can use them.
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How To: Achieve an easy, natural makeup look.

5 Cosmetics that can help discover a new look

When you're looking to switch up your beauty routine, I always recommend looking for products that have versatility (just like our clothing!). For example, a crème eye shadow is a great addition to your cosmetic wardrobe because you can wear it by itself for an easy, natural look or you can use it as an eye base and it will really give your shadows a dramatic pop (and great staying power).
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Value is in the eyes of the beholder.

Is it worth it?

Sometimes I get asked why two seemingly similar products have such a huge difference in price. Are people just paying for the designer label? Can one item of clothing be worth so much?
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New Trend: Athletic Sneaker Style

Sneak Attack

Thanks to the ever so epic Fall 2014 Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week and many street style looks, it goes without saying that the casually cool new trend is "athletic sneaker style".
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An exciting palette of neutrals is refreshing.

The Neutral Mix Blended With Butter

Spring has gone playful with an exciting palette of neutrals. The shades can go from ivory, cream, bisque, nude, blush to the muted shades of peach and rose. When you pull together an outfit representing several shades you end up with a look that's refreshing. Butter is one of our favorite shoe lines since it's creation in 2007.
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Dresses that hug your waist and flare out over your hips.

Fit and Flare: The Most Feminine Find for Spring

Dresses come in various shapes and sizes. But none compare to the cuteness of a 'fit and flare'. Dresses that hug your waist and flare out over your hips are ladylike and chic. Think classic Audrey Hepburn or modern Michelle Obama, who wouldn't want to dress like them? Every woman has that little girl in them who couldn't wait to dress like a lady. Fulfill your childhood desires by dressing like that woman you always looked up to. Chances are she wore a fit and flare dress one time or another.
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It's all in the pants... pastel pants.

Pretty and Posh in Pastel Pants

Lovely lilac or magical mint, whatever you choose it's spring time. Take a dip in a tamed teal or pastel pink; light is lovely this time of year. You may not want to feel like a girl this spring time. The pastel prints and light dresses are so predictable and that's not your style, literally. But what if you could make a bold statement with pastels? Kassie's Closet is here to tell you that you can. It's all in the pants, pastel pants, that is.
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Bodysuits aren't just for dancers or olympians...

Taming of the Tuck: Picking Bodysuits Over Blouses

It doesn't matter if you are going dancing or to a client meeting-- tucking is top priority. No, get from under your desk, I said 'tucking' not 'ducking'. See, shirts look so much better tucked. Tucking a scoop-neck tee shirt into a pencil skirt transforms it from a strange outfit to a comfy and cute professional look. Tucking your button-up shirt into your slacks with a bold belt changes it from drab to fab. Tucking is terrifying because of the likelihood of it loosening out of your bottoms. Who wants to adjust a shirt all day? That's why we have a better method-- the all too familiar bodysuit.
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The Jumper: Classy and Fierce

Jump into Spring with a Jumper

Pants or shorts may not give off that femininity you need this weekend. But dresses fly up because of the spring time breeze, and you're no Marilyn Monroe. If that's not at all your dilemma, you may just want a different look. Really, who doesn't? A look that's classy but fierce, attention grabbing but not attention seeking, is your hope. Well, a jumper is for you. A one piece that can be dressed up or played down. Let's see how spring can do your jumper justice.
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Toast to Spring!

Bright Brunch: Bringing Color to Your Sunday Sit Down

All women love brunch, right? What's better than savory-sweet food fusions, acceptably early cocktails and conversation? Not much. So, to prepare for your next brunch day, get a girly get-up. Let's try pale pastels and fierce florals. Or comfortable dresses and adorable wedges. A peach bellini dress or a orange mimosa cardigan is perfect for the occasion. But you didn't come here to figure it out on your own. Read to find out how to dress for breakfast, no lunch...wait, brunch!
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The art of a polished look is broken down to a simple science.

A Bodysuit Like Never Before

This is a bodysuit like you've NEVER seen it before! With Bradamant bodysuits, the art of a complete and polished look is broken down to a simple science resulting in a perfectly tucked top. These tops go from work day chic to night scene maven in zero to three seconds flat!
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Complete your wardrobe with these sassy and stylish pieces.

Shoe & Fur Inspiration

I want to introduce a new fashion line and pieces I found that are absolutely sassy and stylish to complete an awesome wardrobe.

First off -- Gwen Stefani's new GX line on ShoeDazzle. Next off -- Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pumps!! Lastly -- Fur jackets that were all over the fashion shows last month and this month.
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Look Good, Feel Good.

Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

I've come to a recent conclusion: hair matters. I've had this flaming head of hair all my life and it's sort of defined me. I didn't want it to, I didn't ask for it to, but well, it was done to me. When The Breakfast Club and 16 Candles were movie mainstreams, apparently I looked "just like Molly Ringwald." When the red-headed Pepper Potts is taking care of Tony Stark on the big screen, I'm suddenly Gwyneth Paltrow's look-alike. And when Jessica Chastain is tracking down terrorists, I'm her swiftly spitting-image.
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St. Patty's Day on the clock.

St. Patrick's Day: Getting Lucky at Work

This St. Patty's Day falls on the most dreaded day of the week-- Monday. Such a lucky day shouldn't be mundane. Start the week off with the spirit of a four leaf clover. Bring cupcakes to the office or pass out green candies to co-workers. It will surely put everyone in a good spirit. Most of all, dress the part. Style your work wardrobe for this Irish holiday with pops of emerald. Don't know how you will be able to do this? That's what what Kassie's Closet is here for.
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Make a big statement with singular item this St. Patrick's day!

St. Patrick's Day: Pop of Green

Pops of color are the best way to spice up a drab outfit. With all neutral colors, a neon handbag or bold bracelet can give you attitude. This St. Patrick's Day a pop of green is all you need! With a simple tee-shirt and jeans or an all black outfit-- a green handbag or pumps can make them green with envy. Unsure of how to find these bold green style items? Well you found the perfect place for answers.
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Ana Harvey stands out in business.

Ana Harvey: Lady Boss in Charge

Ana Harvey is the founding and managing partner of HarveyFoster Impact Capital Group and has accomplished and championed several respectable leadership roles for the country. Her passion in empowering women and diversity in business led her to notable positions such as U.S. Small Business Administration's Assistant Administrator for Office of Women's Business Ownership, Regulator for the nationwide network of women's business centers, President and CEO of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, President of Syntaxis, LLC, Advisor on the Advisory Board of Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) and the Greater Washington Chamber of Commerce (GWHCC), and many more.
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Affordable and stylish accessories for warmer weather.

Access Your Accessories: Bohemian and Gold

Despite some cold and snowy conditions, spring is nearing. Accessories brighten up any outfit, but in spring they add that special touch. With prints and bright colors entering into your view for March's arrival, we can't forget our jewelry. Fornash offers affordable and stylish accessories for the woman ready for warmer weather.
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Boyfriend Watch: This style staple will keep you standing out.

Minute Menswear: Accessorizing with Boyfriend Watches

What's fashion without androgyny? Women can be seen wearing everything from pantsuits to oxford shoes. Not only are they trends that give off an heir of boyishness, but exudes the ultimate sophistication. Let's not focus on the feminine fedoras or floral button-ups right now though. It's time to center our attention on the "boyfriend watch". These big face watches designed with glitz bezels, link bracelets or thick leather straps are femininely boyish. Keep reading for tips on how you can incorporate this trendy timepiece into your style schedule.
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Spring Wedding Perfect

Blooming Bride: Dressing for A Spring Wedding

What's more romantic than flowers blooming in spring time? A spring wedding celebrating a blossoming love of course! You've just been invited to a March or April wedding. It's too sunny for drab heavy dresses but too chilly for that sun dress. Before you decline the invitation out of a fashion emergency-- read these tips. You will be bold as the bouquet after reading our ideas.
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Enjoy the bridal fun with a light casual spring outfit!

Blooming Bride: Bridal Shower Fashion Finds

It's spring wedding season-- and you have the daunting task of throwing a bridal shower. Or maybe, your role is simpler, you're just invited to the festivities. Possibly your role is the most important-- you're the bride! Whatever the case, you have to make a fashion entrance. Most likely, this doesn't call for your most glamorous gown. You're among women who you love, friends and family. So here's some girly, spring outfit ideas for your next bridal shower.
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How To: Ready Carpet Ready

Statement Making Dress

The Academy Awards is known as one of the biggest nights in Hollywood, the stars grace the red carpet decked out jewels, designer gowns, and flawless hair and makeup. We all may not have a 'glam team' to help us get ready for the big events in our lives, but we're still able to look just as amazing. Take a cue from the stars this Oscar's by opting for a statement making dress (like this red BCBG number) and use accessories to accent the look. We saw a handful of ladies walk the red carpet in gorgeous gowns, if you noticed many of the gowns were the main focus of the look either due to the color, texture, or silhouette. When you have a gown that makes a bold statement on it's own you don't need a lot in the accessory department.
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Turn your outfit from uniform to unique, with a splash of color

Winter 'Uniform' Turned Unique

Many of us are still living in the intense winter weather. For me dressing in the winter is all about being easy and comfortable, without sacrificing any style (of course). Dressing in layers is necessary if you live in a climate that experiences frigid temps and snow. Accessories are crucial for the winter. I find they help light and liven up our looks. Many of us tend to go towards the darker colors but by simply adding a couple key accessories you can really make a simple look unique. For example, if your winter 'uniform' includes black pants and a black blazer try adding a statement necklace in a color or even a metal. It's an easy way to change up the look without adding any complications.
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The jean jacket: a trendy canvas.

The Blue Jean Jacket as Feminine Fashion

Nothing more functional than a pair of blue jeans. We can dress them up or down and it is a fabric of American fashion. However, the blue jean jacket doesn't quite have the same rep. Some women will never pair it with a flirty shirt or heels. It can appear to be too boyish, casual, or not the most sophisticated fashion choice for most women. Blue jean jackets are just as functional as the jeans we all wear. No matter what your personal style is, it a trendy canvas for whatever you wish to pair it with. Here's some tips on giving your blue jean jacket some feminine flare.
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Making your blazer cool enough for life outside of work.

Blazer Blitz: Dressing Down Your Blazer

Usually worn with a suit, blazers are known to be office ready. Yet the suit separate is a perfect addition to a casual outfit. Dressed down properly, it can make a cute addition to your weekend wardrobe. Designers as well understand the capacity of a blazer. You can find bright-colored, sparkly-collar and rolled-up-sleeve blazers in retailers everywhere this year. How do you accompany this style-find with your casual wear? We have answers on making your blazer cool enough for life outside of work.
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Softening Your Look with Lace Accents

The, Not So Racey, Lacey: Softening Your Look with Lace Accents

Lace makes up some of the most dressy and seductive pieces many women own. The flower-infused fabric is historically feminine. Wedding gowns and lingerie alike made of lace make us feel our most girly. But what if you could take this flirty feel to your next child's play date? SF City Lights offers a Luv Lace collection that you must incorporate into your wardrobe. The casual pieces are great for anywhere but with a touch of lovely lace.
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Classic accessories are your best friend.

First Lady Fashions: Channeling Jackie Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy was surely a style icon of her day. She modelled that being lady-like was not only for First Ladies. Women everywhere adopted her silhouette-hugging dresses and adorable pill box hats. Her neck always adorned with pearls and hands wrapped in gloves, set a standard for sophistication. Fashion in the 21st century has been inspired by the mark she made in the 1960s. From pastel colored long wool coats to the reintroduction of the pillbox hat, Former First Lady Kennedy inspires us today. Find out how to channel your feminine sophistication through Mr.s Kennedy legacy.
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Turning the idea of pure comfort into a brand philosophy.

Touch of California Casual Cool

Since moving to northern California from the east coast, my closet has undergone quite a transformation. Having lived in Washington DC for 13 years, my personal style was deeply rooted in classic, conservative pieces that tended to be a bit on the formal side. It was a surprise to this newcomer to find that even in the most "dressed up" environments, people in the San Francisco Bay Area almost consistently wear more casual, relaxed styles.
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Be the Commander in Chic at your office or next gala.

First Lady Fashions: Modelling Michelle

No one in the political atmosphere is as chic as the FLOTUS. First Lady Michelle Obama embodies class but is always chic. Her color-popping casual ensembles at the White House Easter Egg Hunt woo stylistas and children alike. Not to mention her grace at every upscale dinner is adorned with fashionable metallics and royal colors. What better way for fashion forward women to celebrate President's Day then through challenging Mrs. O. Be the Commander in Chic at your office or next gala.
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Stylish Valentine's Day date.

Resemble Roses: Red Velvet for V-Day

Imagine a day wear love is all you need. The day when your boyfriend makes you feel special and your husband gives you a break. If you're lucky you might get to cheat on that diet with chocolate. Besides what's more beautiful than seeing vivid red roses in your eye sight all day? Actually, you should be more beautiful than those roses! With red velvet and silk dresses and blouses that can be easy. Go on that Valentine's day date in style.
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Kimberly Bryant shows us we can make a change.

Kimberly Bryant Rocks Out in Style

Kimberly Bryant is a Biotechnical/Engineering professional who has championed several technical management roles for Fortune 100 companies. Yet her purpose is not defined by what she does at work. After standing out as a Black woman in technology she decided more Black girls needed to know about the technology. She founded Black Girls Code to stand out less as a Black woman in technology and more as a fashionista.
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Dress like love is all you need!

9 to 5 Love Affair: V-Day Fashion for Work

Love will be in the air on Feb 14th, so why restrict it to after 5? No, I'm not telling you to flirt with your boss. Nor, am I, condoning you stuffing your face with those pink frosted cupcakes in the office kitchen. Instead, you should dress like love is all you need! Pink or red dresses and blouses can easily prove your commitment to love while still being professional.
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How To: Make your closet more lady-like with pink.

Pretty in Pink: Rose Colored Clothes

If you won't see red next week, you'll definitely see pink. Pink is the ultimate feminine find in fashion. It's not just for our little daughters' tutus or Easter dresses, but also for the girl inside us all. Find your femininity through rosy lace dresses and glittery fuchsia blouses. Even if you've always been a tomboy, pink colored clothing should make an appearance in your wardrobe. Keep reading to find tips on making your closet more lady-like.
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From crimson colored jeans to rouge ready blouses, red is in.

Red Roses: Scarlet Sensation Styles

In a week we will be showered with red. Why not start preparing for cupid's special day now? Red fashions have been sweeping the runway. From crimson colored jeans to rouge ready blouses, red is in. Red is a daring color whether bright or burgundy. However, incorporating it in your wardrobe is worth it. Scarlet styles shouldn't just prepare you for next week but for fashionable flare.
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Guilt-Free Fashion Pass: Faux Fur and Pleather

Keep A Conscious Closet

The current trends are not the most alluring to animal lovers. Celebrities are in a fur frenzy while socialites can't keep their hands off feathers. Leather is demanding the runways in America and abroad. Suede soothes the many boots that grace fashionable feet this season. But before you call PETA and organize a protest, many designers are conscious of the furry friends we love. Trends ranging from faux fur to pleather give us a guilt-free fashion pass. Here are a some tips on keeping your closet from weighing down on your conscious.
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How To: Eco-Chic Style

Eco Dressing

Thanks to green celebrities (and the cool designers dressing them) such as Liv Firth and Cameron Diaz, eco-chic has found its place on the runway and in your closet. While 100% organic cotton tees and hemp shorts inserted itself into the world of fashion more than two decades ago, new designers are bringing sustainable fabrics into the 21st century. Organic wool, bamboo, tencel (wood pulp from sustainable tree farms), and modal (beechwood) are being fashioned into fresh, edgy ready-to-wear and couture every girl should model.
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American Made Trends.

Made in America

Nothing like the land of red, white and blue. Americans are very proud of their home. With a melting pot of cultures we have a variety of fashion options. Designers are inspired by places all over the world. But a lot of inspiration comes from our own backyards. From jeans to oxfords, American style is as diverse as it gets. What's even better is that some of our clothes are actually made on American soil! Keep reading to find out American made trends.
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Winter White: Not too bright but perfect for snow white winters.

A Winter Wonderland in White

Some of us abide by the rule to ditch white after Labor Day. While others believe it's an ancient myth that needs to be ignored. No matter what side of the argument you're on, you can indulge in winter white. This color has adorned crisp wool coats and leather gloves. It's a white that's not too bright but perfect for snow white winters. The purity and freshness of white-colored fashion shouldn't be reserved for warmer months. Keep reading to find great tips on incorporating winter white into your wardrobe.
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Put effort into what keeps you cozy this season.

Whimsical Winter Accessories

As kids our parents had to bundle us up before we left our homes. It seems like we hated wearing those hats and scarves! Now, the tables have turned as much in life. We can't imagine winter without our winter essentials. Though certain accessories are there to keep us warm, they can be fashionable! From wool hats embellished with rhinestones to multicolored scarves, there are some eccentric ideas for your winter wardrobe.
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How To: Pair your riding boots.

Winters on the Ranch: Styling Your Riding Boots

Equestrian inspired trends are here to stay. Nothing like a pair of skinny leg pants or a perfectly tailored blazer. Riding boots may be the most coveted horseback influenced fashion. From fall to winter, this talls boot keeps your legs warm and in style. These leather luxurious look good dressed up or down. Here's some advice on how to win the race with your pair.
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Bundle up for winter in style.

Frigid Friendly Fashion

2014 dragged in record breaking negative degree temperatures. It may seem impossible to be posh during a polar vortex. You're probably imagining stilettos sliding on icy pavement. Maybe you're picturing manicured fingers frost bitten. It's ok, we've all been taught that fashion can't be functional. No matter the wind chill, you can dress fabulous. Designers have a variety of fashions for the most frigid weather conditions.
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How To: Styling a chic office look for the new year.

From the Closet to the Career

What's a new year without a greater outlook on your career. Some of us hope to change jobs, be promoted or simply work harder. As always, looking the part comes in play. If you're trying to climb that corporate ladder or the one in the garage to build your own corporation-- a suit won't hurt. But not just any suit, a stylish, tailored, chic suit for a woman like you. Suits aren't the only way you can step up your professional wardrobe. Dresses, pants and colored blazers can make an appearance in your office as well.
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How To: Approach your workouts fashionably.

Getting Fit, Staying Fashionable

When you look good, you feel good. In true new year resolution fashion, you have pledged to get in shape. This may mean hitting the treadmill or stretching across a yoga mat. Whatever workout you choose, you need to approach it fashionably. Ok, being stylish isn't exactly the most important thing when going to the gym. But didn't we establish when you look good, you feel good? When you feel good you're more likely to lace up those sneakers. Now, let's get this workout wardrobe in shape, so you will too.
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Kassie shares her commitments for the New Year.

The Start of a New Year

Ahhh...the start of a New Year. Despite it being my 41st turning of the clock, it still seems refreshing. It's like when you clean your Closet. You discover old things you forgot you had and once loved. The old becomes new again.

With the New Year, I get excited to recommit to the exact same thing I enthusiastically committed to accomplishing just a year before. Yes I was enthused just a year ago to do what I am going to commit to doing this year. That was then. This is now. And somehow, now feels different.
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2014 trends to look out for.

2014 Trend Watch...and Learn

The fashion police are revving up their sirens. Who will look the worst in 2014? What celebrities will be on the red carpet in 2013's old news? Though you're a business woman or a super mom-- you don't want to open up a magazine to see what you just wore as a fashion don't! Instead, you want to wear the latest trends of 2014-- all with your personal style of course. Read along to make sure you don't see siren lights in your bedroom mirror.
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Shanel offers simple but stylish staples for your 2014 wardrobe.

New Year, Newer Wardrobe

The house has been cleaned to perfection. Planners and bins are all bought to keep you organized. The diet is in order with a gym membership to match. But what's a new year without a fashion resolution? Many women, whether they admit it or not, make plans to become more stylish. Bringing in the new year inspires many fashionistas comforted by sweatpants to dress their best. If that it is or isn't you, these key pieces should be in your wardrobe.
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Welcome the new year in metallics, glitter and sequins.

Outshine Confetti This New Year's Eve

You've stressed yourself out roasting turkeys and wrapping gifts. Now is the time to party it all away. As you welcome 2014, you shouldn't just be stylish. Glitter and glam should paint your outfit. Do you anticipate a mundane boring year? I hope not. So, you can't possibly walk into the NYE party with a bland dress or shoes. Confetti won't be the only thing shining when the clock strikes 12.
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What to wear when you are hosting a NYE party at your home.

The Calmer Countdown: Hosting NYE in Style

Standing in heels all night may not be your thing. Loud music and blaring strobe lights aren't the most intriguing to you either. Besides, the holidays have completely worn you out. And partying isn't the way you want to bring in 2014. Since the new year is a celebratory occasion you or a friend hosts a party at home. But what will you wear?
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How To: Comfortable and Stylish Travel Attire for the Holidays.

On the Runway: Functional Fashion for the Airport

The holidays are not complete without traveling. Though dreaded in late December, the airport is a portal to our loved ones. It's always best to be comfortable when taking flight but still in style. You don't want to run to your gate in platform boots- so don't get too excited. Yet, who wants to greet their loved ones after months in sweats? Read these tips before you hand in your boarding pass.
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How To: Holiday fashion just as festive as your decorations.

Festive Fashion: Color Coded Christmas

Glitter and gold lines the street. Bright lights hang from the windows. Red ribbons trace green trees in our living rooms. Bottom line, it's finally Christmas! All stress aside, your fashion should be just as festive as your decorations. To properly celebrate the most exciting time of the year, dress in red and green, glitter and silver. If you need help, consider this blog an early present.
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Shanel shares how a fur vest can be dressed up or down.

The Fur Vest and What to Wear with It

The fur vest is on every mannequin in every store's window. The daunting fur vest with so much potential, but often misunderstood: Is it to be dressed up or down? Is it professional? Are fur vests for Gatsby parties or garage sales? Before you bog yourself down with questions that keep your fur vest in hibernation -- here's some advice...
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Shanel shares how you can add faux fur to your everyday life.

Faux Fur for the Fearful Fashionista

In every retail store this season, you can spot a fuzzy garment with fur. It's not the most subtle trend. With heavy colored fur vests strutting down the runway, most women choose to sit this style out. Exactly how would you look with a fur vest on picking up your son from basketball practice? Designers understand the everyday style dilemma of faux fur. Here are some tips in incorporating this trend in your wardrobe, inconspicuously.
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How to give a present any woman would adore - an entire outfit!

Under $200: Gift An Outfit

We all have that friend we adore. To show your appreciation during the holidays, give a present any woman would adore-- an entire outfit! I know what you're thinking, "That seems expensive." It doesn't have to be! Your favorite co-worker or maid of honor could open the coolest gift for under $200.
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Enter the holiday festivities in style for under $200.

Under $200: Reception Ready

December is the month of endless holiday parties and receptions. These events require red carpet style but your money is tied to gift giving. With these invitations crowding your inbox, the anxiety is growing. What will I wear to this reception? Well, you can enter the holiday festivities in style for under $200.
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Shanel offers details on post Thanksgiving holiday shopping.

Monday's the New Black: Post Thanksgiving Holiday Shopping

We crave a good sale just as much as Thursday's delicious trimmings. Black Friday is not only for low priced electronics and children's toys. Fashionistas win even more on this day with clothing retailers offering up to 60% off merchandise. However, with the notorious crowds, many women are unsure if they'll make it out of the mall alive.

That's where Cyber Monday comes in. The Web is for fashion savvy gift givers who can't take Friday's chaos. So, next Monday, champion these deals from the comfort of your own keyboard.
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Shanel offers effortless style tips for turkey day.

Under the Apron: Being Chic at Thanksgiving Dinner

Every Thanksgiving it seems as if someone new to the bunch is pulling up a chair. You can't be surprised when new girlfriends, boyfriends or college roommates spring up at your house. So, you have to be comfortably chic in the midst of the cooking chaos.

Perhaps, instead, you're that new person visiting a home for the first time on Thanksgiving. All nerves aside, you must appear to the door stylishly to make a good impression. Before you get your cornbread stuffing in a bunch, read on to learn effortless style tips for turkey day.
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Shanel offers tips on stylish football fan wear.

Sideline Style Tips: A Fierce Spin on Football Fan Wear

Whether it is your hubby or new beau, he probably loves football. If he's a lucky guy he will be able to drag you along to his favorite tea's game. It doesn't matter if you know all of the plays or can't recognize when a touchdown is being made-- you must look the part. Now, how will you style in the stadium without overdoing it? If there's a will to be fashionable, there's a way...to wear it!
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Shanel provides tips for dressing for the weekend in November.

Fall Approved Fashion: Styling for A November Weekend

The air is getting a little bit more chilly but the sun is not budging. That's the thing about November, the fall festivities are continuing as the temperature drops. As the weekend approaches, you may find yourself still getting invited to a vineyard or apple orchard. For these outings you can still wear your fall centered fashion without freezing to death.
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Stylist Chelsea shares tips on how to dress for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Savior: The Wrap Dress

Thanksgiving. A holiday meant for eating, sharing and laughing with your loved ones. Whether your weakness is creamy mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts sautéed with bacon, or the bird itself, make sure you dress comfortably. As I learned the hard way a few years ago, Thanksgiving is not a day to shimmy into your skinny jeans. Choose an outfit that allows for movement and over-indulgence.
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Shanel offers ideas on how to sport army inspired outfits.

Veteran's Day: Stay on the Frontline of Fashion

There are not many people as inspiring as men and women in uniform. Through celebrating Veteran's Day we pay much needed homage to their honorable work.

Fashion, as well, has been inspired by the Armed Forces. From West Point to the front line, designers have created pieces reflective of militaria. These soldier-approved clothing items can make a statement in any wardrobe.
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Kassie shares why she has always loved dressing for Halloween.

Dressing for Halloween

My favorite dressing event of year is nearly here - Halloween. As far back as I can remember, I have loved dressing for Halloween, in part because when I put on a wig, no one recognizes me. It's almost as if people only see my red hair, and not my actual face. Can't imagine what it's like for women well endowed.

Halloween is the one annual event that highlights the creative and the unique. The playing field is even. A bigger budget doesn't yield a better costume, in fact, it just makes it look bought.
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Stylist Chelsea shares about her quest for the perfect handbag.

The Perfect Handbag

I used to be the kind of woman who had 3-5 handbags in the rotation at any given time. Of course, I had the reliable if not omnipresent black bag, then usually a brown one for those days when I was wearing brown shoes, and at least one purse in a bright hue (the number of purple handbags that have come in and out of my life is too numerous to count). A small evening bag for those rare occasions and a large tote for travel rounded out my repertoire.
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Stylist Ashley shares how to build up your fall wardrobe.

Building Up Your Fall Wardrobe

If you plan on building up your fall wardrobe, consider buying outfits instead of single pieces, unless of course, they are basics. I find it difficult to incorporate single pieces with my current wardrobe if the items I'm buying are trendy. I like buying multiple pieces that can be interchangeable with each other and versatile enough to wear from day to evening. Here are some looks I put together at Nordstrom in the Encore (plus size) department.
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Stylist Chelsea shares her favorite lather finds this season.

The Look of Leather

To say leather is everywhere would be an understatement. Whether faux or the real deal, it is the key accent this season, the focal point of so many outfits.

Five of my favorite finds this season include:

The Anthropologie Modena shift, unexpected in a rich caramel color. I'd wear it with chocolate booties and maybe a forest green statement necklace. There will be an outfit to come featuring this dress, so stay tuned.
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Stylist Chelsea shares how even stylists struggle to find looks.

Style Advice

I know you probably don't want to hear this, but even stylists struggle at times to put together the right look for an event.

Case in point: I'm attending a wedding at the end of October, and I don't know what to wear. The festivities begin at 6:30 in San Antonio, Texas, which might in part account for my insecurities. I can fairly assume that the weather will be chilly on the east coast by that date, but it's still in the 90s there and isn't likely to be much cooler six weeks from now.
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Stylist Chelsea shares her tips on finding the perfect tailor.

Perfectly Tailored

A number of us have service providers in our lives we are so close to they are like family. Hairdressers, personal trainers, the UPS delivery person, stylists... But potentially the most critical phone number to have in your contacts is that of a good tailor.

Did you buy a skirt but in retrospect find it's a little too long? A tailor can easily take that hem up to a length appropriate for your height, proportions and profession. Are you bigger on top than on bottom or vice versa?
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Stylist Chelsea shares her five favorite Fall items.

Five Fall Favorites

As summer fades to fall, I'm already dreaming of the cooler temperatures that permit the wearing of riding boots, sweaters and scarves. I'm excited to wear skinny jeans without breaking out into a sweat and to need a casual coat come dusk.

This week in the DC metro area, we slept with the windows open, thus marking the beginning of the arrival of fall (knock on wood).

And now it's totally appropriate to dream about the five following items:
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Stylist Chelsea shares how she became involved with The Closet.

Our Closet

I remember the night I was out with Kassie Rempel just as she was launching her latest entrepreneurial gem, Kassie's Closet. After a few glasses of wine, I summoned the courage to ask her what I had to do to get her to let me be a stylist for this innovative site.

The next thing I knew, I was home combing through pages of instructions on how to enter products into the system and create outfits. It took me hours just to create two looks.
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Stylist Chelsea shares her favorite summer sale pieces.

Stealing Summer

I admit it: I'm bad at end-of-the-summer sales. Unless I'm specifically vacation shopping, once July and August roll around, my eyes are squarely fixated on tall boots, cashmere sweaters and the chilly nights to justify them.

But the summer sale purges ongoing at our favorite shopping destinations aren't to be overlooked. While it can be frustratingly hard to nab your desired size and color combination when your coveted item is 70% off, it's worth searching and not forgetting the wardrobe staples you paid full price for in April.
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A sneak peek at the new and improved closet coming soon!

New and Improved Closet Coming Soon!

Please let me be the first to introduce you to KassiesCloset 2.0 - it's new and improved, and it's right around the corner. The new Closet is soon to launch featuring new stylists, geographic trends, and a filtering system of the outfits to be able to view just what you want to see.

It's been a work in progress. It's a labor of love, but everyone involved, from the stylists to programmers, all believe in the mission of the Closet: to help women look good and feel good, so that they can pursue their passion and fulfill their purpose.

Making a difference, one outfit at a time, that's the Closet way.
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My friend and I with some of the models at the show.

Fall 2013 Preview... Devine Asian Inspiration

I've just returned from a fashion show for fall, and I have to confess that I'm conflicted. As much as I cherish heat and 90 degree days, I'm eager for Fall 2013 thanks to the gorgeous things I saw floating down the runway.

The three big themes I saw for Fall 2013 are...
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How to wear your vintage Levi's jacket!

Collecting for Style

It all started with a single piece and then I was hooked. Jackets, all kinds of jackets, they are what I love to collect. Of course it took root in college with the original Levi Jean Jacket. We lived in our jean jackets and we were never without it. We wore it under and over anything and used it as a stadium pillow to a picnic blanket. This jacket was an indestructible piece of comfort in a very turbulent time in history. I still have my original jacket but I have to admit it's a little snug.
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Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo

Women Haters and why Marissa Meyer isn't One of Them

Marissa Meyer, the CEO of Yahoo, is making headlines. It's not because she's part of the frightfully few female titan CEOs, it's because her compassion towards working women, specially career-oriented moms (of which she is one), is being called into question. Starting in July, no employee will be allowed to work from home. Women organizations everywhere are crying out in fear that this move will roll back the progress women-in-the-workforce have been able to make in the last 20 years.

Marissa's argument is that Yahoo is a mess, and the staff is needed to be office-present to better collaborate, brainstorm, and produce.
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I am pictured with fellow Closet Stylist Janice.

Masquerade Ball

Over the weekend, I was invited to a Masquerade Ball. With the below freezing temperatures in the District I was very nervous about what to wear. My weekend was already slammed with two other events, so I had no time to prep.

After rummaging through my closet for all of 15 minutes, I decided on a simple black Ralph Lauren gown, Guess by Marciano shoes, black satin gloves, and diamond accessories. I did manage to snag an awesome mask at Party City. The final look was simple, mysterious and fierce! The night was more fun than I could have ever expected and thanks to the great turnout, being cold was not an issue as the bodies of great friends kept me warm :-)

Closet Stylist - Ebony Gilreath
February 2013
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Colorful layered tights and comfy boots!

A Chilly Cocktail Party

Sure, it's a chilly day outside. But I've got a cocktail party at a downtown museum tonight, and I don't think my LL Bean boots, jeans and a sweater will cut it! Instead, I'm taking a cue from a European pal who told me about layering tights.

Simply take any tight that's crochet or fishnet (aka that expose some skin), then layer over a tight in a different color (you can go bold or simply do black over gray). The result is both edgy and warm. I'll tuck them into another secret winter weapon of mine: La Canadienne snow boots.
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Closet Stylist - Megan Dickens

A New Moms Wardrobe Advice

On December 20th, 2012 my life changed forever. My precious baby boy was born and for the first week my wardrobe choices had me a bit scared! I think I saw my wardrobe flash before my eyes.

The first week was rough, I am not going to lie. I am not even sure if I changed my shirt for the entire week. I felt like their was no time to change or rather why change when you would just get spit up on again. I was a bit scared that I would succumb to sweatpants and button down shirts for the rest of my life. I have to give a shout out to my mother and father who came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. During their visit I was able to shower and get dressed and feel like a "cute" mom.
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Photography Credit: Jessica Shepard

Elopement Styling

When my friend Adrienne sent me a picture of the pair of shoes that were her Christmas present this year, my immediate response was, "those are event shoes... you must be going to a ball."

It turned out to be better than that: Adrienne and her fiancé Tom had secretly tied the knot.

On Christmas Eve, under sleeting DC skies, accompanied by only their parents (with an in-home cameo by Buddy, their dog) they stood under an umbrella at the DC War Memorial and pledged their vows to each other.
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Closet Stylist - Austin Thomas

Change of Seasons

I'll be honest, I always turn to Neiman Marcus when the time comes for the change of seasons. They always have (in my opinion) the best, most clear and concise summary of the seasons hottest trends and color pallets. Granted, being a buyer for SimplySoles, I do get an early glimpse of the upcoming seasons trends attending the buying shows. The shows always seem to be eons before the season I am buying for, so it's fun to see the list that Neimans pulls together!

Closet Stylist - Austin Thomas
January 2013

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My latest discovery...

New Discoveries

I recently overheard a woman, talking to her friend in the fitting room, about how she doesn't like to tell people her fashion secrets (i.e. where she shops). Not me! When I discover something great, I love to tell everyone about it. Actually, I start to wonder how it is that I have never heard of it and why I live under a rock.

One of my recent discoveries is Loehmann's. My friend was shocked to find that I had never been there, so after lunch she took me. After hearing about all of her awesome finds, I can't say I'm surprised that I found amazing pieces too. I bought Joe's Jeans for $80 and a faux fur vest for under $40.
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For you First Lady Michelle Obama

For the FLOTUS with the MOSTEST

No matter however loudly partisans complain about the President and/or the Democratic party, no one can deny that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, is a woman of confidence.

Michelle Obama wears clothes to communicate a message. It's an inescapable truth. She knows this. She wears what she feels good in. And what she wears makes her feel good. It's a continuous circle. What you wear matters. And the more daring the ensemble (e.g., J.Crew studded belt, red shoulder-baring gown), the more confident you are.
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Closet Stylist - Chris Thomas

A New Year... A New Closet

What's in your closet?

Scary question isn't it? January is a great month to find an answer. I'm a big believer in knowing what you have, to know what you need. I guarantee that you will rediscover some great pieces, hidden among plenty of nightmares. Get the mistakes to Goodwill and move on to the fun part. I keep my basics in great shape because it's so easy to shop in your comfort zone. But it's the accent pieces that define you and now is the perfect time to shop the sales. I have had my eye on a top from Lafayette 148, so now it's a game; will it still be available in my size when it does go on sale? This little beauty may have my name all over it; I'm just waiting for my wallet to approve!
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Waiting for the Java Jolt to Kick In

Waiting for the Java Jolt to Kick In

I'm drinking coffee. I'm actually drinking espresso. And I don't ever drink coffee. Like ever. Chai - yes. Decaf - yes. Coffee - no. Straight-up espresso - never. I hope I stay up, wired, sleepless for 4 days straight rather than spend another evening going to bed exhausted from not having really any reason to be.

I think all the aggregated hurried and harried days of running SimplySoles have just caught up with me. And now that I sold it, it's like the a tidal wave of exhaustion day after day. WTF? Aren't I supposed to be swinging from the chandeliers for having built and sold a business? Shouldn't I be more energized than EVER to make the Closet into something breathtakingly spectacular, that makes you gasp like the first time you ever saw a Cirque du Soleil performance? WHY YES! That's exactly how I should feel.
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Intermix bought by Gap

Gap is filling in the Last Gap

How ironic that just a few days after the Tory Burch sale of Chris Burch's company shares, it's announced that the Gap acquired Intermix for a cold $130 million. The irony here is that when I went around talking with potential investors about the opportunities in the fashion industry, the eyes of the men in the room seemed to roll and immediately glaze over. And look at these two major deals struck in the last few days. It just proves the point that when you are good at something, you can make money at it. And some men get it (both of the recent shareholder sales were by men)!
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Tory Burch

Tory Burch is a Big B!

Having sold shoes for the last nine years via my first-born (aka SimplySoles), I never thought that schlepping shoes would make me a billionaire. Clearly, back then, I just didn't dream big enough. But Tory did. And now, she's a big B (by that I mean billionaire not bitch). I find myself saying, "Go Tory! Get Your Reva on!"

Tory - While I confess I don't love your iconic flat (aka the Reva), I love your bags, belts, and sunglasses. But most especially, I love that you are joining the elite company of Oprah Winfrey, Meg Whitman (CEO of HP) and Sara Blakely (Founder of Spanx and one of two finalists in the only reality show I've ever watched...Sir Richard Branson's addicting show "Rebel Billionaire").
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